Dog portraits



Hi, I’m Paul Clarke, creator of Dale.

I have illustrated, cartooned and painted for most of my life, commercially as an award winning art director and, when time has allowed, for my own pleasure.

Dogs have been a big part of my life and family, we bred and showed Airedale Terriers for many years. Recently I came across an old black and white photo of one of our dogs that inspired a very large, highly detailed acrylic painting: “Jerry’s world”. Jerry’s big personality was the inspiration for many of Dale’s adventures, and now he has been the catalyst for my return to painting.



Having watched the slow progress of Jerry’s world, a friend (whose dog we often look after) showed an interest in a water colour portrait of her dog. The next time Maddie came to stay, I produced a water colour  painting – I loved the freshness of the loose strokes of colour that give it so much life. Jerry’s world went on hold, while more water colour paintings made their way to ecstatic friends and dog lovers. I am also offering highly detailed photo realistic portraits.

How do you commission your dog’s portrait?

Few dogs sit still for a painting, so I work off photographs combined with many years of knowledge on canine anatomy.

To have a portrait painted of your dog, all you need to supply is at least one clear photograph or digital image file – more than one image is even better as it makes it easier for me to see your dog’s unique traits. I usually remove or simplify the background so that your dog is the hero. Best results come from images taken at a low angle, just above your dog’s head, but don’t get too close. Always supply the largest file you have, digital images lose detail and quality as they get smaller.

All my paintings are hand painted and are reliant on the photographs, so the clearer the photograph the better the result.

I generally work to an A3: 420mm x 297mm (16 1/2″ x 11 3/4″), 300gsm, acid-free, high quality water colour sheet.
Larger and smaller sizes can be commissioned. Paintings are supplied unframed and sent via Australia Post anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in having a painting of your dog, cat or chook, contact me for more information. You will be under no obligation or pressure to commission a painting.

Simply email me for more details and prices.

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