Our Airedales

NZ Ch Mihi of Goodaire (Muffin)

W: 21/10/81  S: Ariki of Goodaire  D: NZ Ch Kiarma Bright Spark (Imp Aust)

Muffin was our first dog, purchased for our daughter. We could not have asked for a better pet, typical Airedale temperament and incredible intelligence. We took her to a pet parade where a Terrier judge said we should show her. She wasn’t elegant but she moved like a dream. We decided to breed from her and she produced a beautiful, solid line to establish our Tirowai kennel. Muffin was, without a doubt, the matriarch of Tirowai Airedales.



NZ Ch Oldiron Mind Bender – Imp Aust  (Bindi)

W: 25/1/82  S: Eng/Aust Ch Loudwell Whispers (Imp Aust)  D: Aust Ch Oldiron Havoc

If you’re going to have one Airedale you may as well have two. We asked our Australian friend, Lorna Schuster, to find us a quality pup. Muffin was a big, robust, extroverted puppy – Bindi was exactly the opposite, small, elegant and introverted but with the ability to create mayhem. She was beautifully proportioned but didn’t like the show ring. She still put on a good show and won her title. Sadly we were unable to breed her due to a weed spray used by the local council.


NZ Ch Hillmere Echoist – Imp Aust  (Jerry)

W: 5/5/83  S: NZ/Aust Ch Loudwell Fife and Drum (Imp UK)  D: Hillmere Zither

Lorna Schuster called us one day and asked if we wanted a dog puppy from her litter. I said we wanted a bitch, not a dog. “You’ll want this dog” she said, “I’m going to send him and we will own him in partnership”. A couple of weeks later he was in a crate heading for New Zealand. Two days after his arrival he won Puppy in show. He had his title in no time with best of breed, best in group and best in show wins. His temperament was outstanding and his colour was stunning. Jerry also lost his fertility due to exposure to a weed spray used by the local council.


NZ Ch Tirowai Talked About (Emily)

W: 15/2/84  S: NZ Ch Oldiron Infra Red (Imp Aust)  D: NZ Ch Mihi of Goodaire

Emily was our first Tirowai Champion. She was from our first litter and sold as a puppy with permission to exhibit her if she fulfilled her promise. A dream to handle, she quickly gained her title.

It is a pity that we didn’t take up the option of breeding from her.




NZ Ch Tirowai Tuff Stuff  (Porsche)

W: 3/3/87  S: NZ/Aust Ch Loudwell Fife and Drum (Imp UK)  D: NZ Ch Mihi of Goodaire

Porsche got her title quickly, despite the upheaval going on around her while we worked and packed for our move from New Zealand to Australia. She quickly adapted to her new life in Melbourne and produced a stunning litter including Aust Ch Tirowai the Right Stuff. Her second litter was from Scottshire Jack Flash Memoir (Imp USA).




Aust Ch Tirowai The Right Stuff  (Beatrice)

W: 30/1/90  S: Aust Ch Oldiron Yank Tank Tartan  D: NZ Ch Tirowai Tuff Stuff

Bea was elegant, well proportioned and a dream to be with. She earned her title quickly despite her handler (me) with Group wins. Handled by Anne and Ron Sorraghan, she won Runner-up best Airedale at the Melbourne Royal, narrowly beaten by her sire Ch Oldiron Yank Tank Tartan. She had just one litter from Scottshire Jack Flash Memoir (Imp USA) producing Tirowai Beanzmeanzheinz whose great grand daughter was the very successful Aust/USA Ch Oldiron Margaret River. Like most of our Airedales, Bea lived to a ripe old age, at 16 she broke my heart.


Maddie the Welsh

We currently enjoy the company of a friend’s Welsh Terrier. Tirowai is Maddie’s second home, she stays with us when her owner visits family.






Jerry’s world

Last year I found an old black and white photo of Jerry and thought “I have to paint him”. This large painting is now on hold while I do my watercolour portraits.