About Dale

Dale was conceived in 1983 – the product of a creative mind and the antics of three character filled Airedale Terriers.

Left to right:  Bindi, Jerry and Muffin – 1987.

Each had their own distinct personality and, over the years, they did everything the Airedale books said they would do – plus many things that the books hadn’t told us about.

I loved watching them and drew a few cartoons for the New Zealand Airedale Terrier Club and the Airedale Terrier Club of Victoria’s newsletters.  I soon had enough for a small book so I decided to self published a cartoon book “Dopey Dale” all about my alter ego, Dale – from a bouncy, energetic puppy through to a handsome “adult”.

The book was a real success with Airedale people as well as dog lovers in general and it soon sold out. However, I needed to concentrate on my advertising career and we moved to Australia – my book became a collector’s item.

In 2014 I had a little time on my hands so I got my pens out and started a new book: Life according to Dale.

The new book has a few of my favourite cartoons from Dopey Dale as well as pages of new cartoons and characters.

Over the years many Airedales added to the story. Sadly, life with Airedales ended with the passing of Bea (Aust Ch Tirowai The Right Stuff) aged 16 years. However, through Dale, the stories live on.

Beatrice Aust Ch Tirowai The Right Stuff – left 1991 & right 2005

New inspiration comes from Maddie, a Welsh Terrier who spends a lot of her life at our home, Mondz a friend’s Labradoodle, Airedales Cello and Banjo and Mixie – our grandson’s attitude plus cat.

This site is a dog’s eye view of life and I hope that you enjoy and perhaps even contribute to the continuing tale – or is it tail?

Paul Clarke (Dale)